What's Happening with Economics 101 (and This Blog)

If you've been reading the novel, you've noticed a few things.

First, I've changed the layout theme for the blog. The photo preview theme was useful for random philosophical meandering, and it might have been okay with the novel -- if the novel had not gotten so long.

Too many chapters, too much text. Google trying to be too fancy with their support and display code. And all the browsers getting too much gadgetry, too.

There's a limit to the functionality a web page can provide in the amount of time it takes to refresh a page, even with the best, fastest CPUs that will be available next year (for any given "this" year).

Even if Intel could get their wasteful rustbucket single-stack office-heater CPUs off the market and out of our way, there will always be limits to how much a blog can do in the amount of time it takes for you to blink two or three times and start wishing the page would reload.

(There's also a semantic limit to the amount of functionality a single session of a web browser can support, but that's some serious mathematics, and you're losing patience with my excuses.)

Anyway, the first draft of the novel would be done if I hadn't promised more thought experiments. It needs a lot of re-write before I can take it to the general market and officially publish it. And it will probably turn into a trilogy in the re-write. If I can ever afford to do the re-write.

I've been working on the first book of the re-write, Sociology 500, which tells about Bobbie and Karel and their friends at college and tries to help us see a little better why Bobbie and Karel could have gone off to the islands together without getting married. Of course, getting a real story to that significantly alters the novel, because we will no longer be surprised when we find out that they already cared so deeply for each other.

Well, ....

Second, my job situation has changed. That is, my last school has a policy of not renewing the contracts of foreign assistant English teachers (in other words, without Japanese Teacher Certification) beyond three years.

I don't hold it against them. All of the schools I know of have that policy. There's a national law about temporary workers that says the employees have to make them permanent workers if they keep them more than three years. And that basically means that foreigners will tend to be allowed to move on.

And I am too old to compete with all the fresh young kids.

So I having to look for other work, and looking for work is a full-time job. And my back is killing me because I rode some eight miles in the cold on a single-speed bike with a seat too low, to get to the unemployment office. No money for train or bus fare.

Sob story. Sorry. But writing takes money to put food on the table for the family while I write.

Which is why the new episodes/chapters have become rather irregular. And maybe why I'm losing focus in the writing.

Third, I have found some inherent problems in the plot. Way too difficult to balance the expectations of various members of the audience with what the story required when I set it up. And I let the story get away from me.

Having to reconstruct the story is brutalizing me.

Not so much because of my artistic pride. (Maybe.) But it's extremely stressful.

I have to polish the rhetoric. There are parts that just won't make sense to people who can't get inside my head, and I don't consider myself that much of an egoist.

I have to adjust the plot. Certain parts are a little too private for the general audience, even after a bit of work. Certain decisions reflect too much of the male point of view. Certain parts are too fantastic, but making them realistic requires me to make decisions for the reader that the reader should make for him or herself.

And there is a bit too much that is too opaque to a non-Mormon audience.

And I'm looking at the end of my funds in a month or so, which means I have no time left to do it all.

So, for the time being, ...

I don't know what's going to happen with it.


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