Table of Contents for Economics 101, a Novel

Are you looking for the table of contents for the rough/initial draft of Economics 101, a Novel?

Here it is:

Why it's in that blog instead of this is just a little hard to explain:

I felt this was a freedom related novel, so I got started here, and then I realized it would be easier to work on over there, so I made that blog, but there was too much over here, ...

Just a little hard, and maybe not all that hard to understand.

Why the table of contents is called index is also pretty straightforward:

Living in Japan, it's easy to forget words, their meanings, and their usual uses.

(And language moves on, but that's a separate issue. Wish the people who are willing to let me teach English would be willing to help me keep it up. But they're not even willing to give me a steady job. Seems like it's a race to the bottom in every field. Oh, that complaint would seem to be an economic complaint. :)

I'm going to halt my initial efforts on an almost final draft over there, but I think I will move the second draft over there and leave this as backup, etc.

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