Bigger Paycheck Now, Or Paychecks That Continue?

I blogged, on my defining computers blog, about some problems that advertisers can cause themselves by refusing to understand name domains.

The essential problem there is demonstrating to the person who gets your ads that you are who you are.

I wrote to the sales departments in question and proved to myself that they don't care. Well, one doesn't, and the other does. The one would rather have my name and address in his potential customer list than have my good will. And I can see why, sort-of.

Suppose they have a base pay, and get commissions from sales on top of the base pay. The base pay is determined, in part, by how many potential customers they contact each month. Maybe they have to have a minimum mumber of potential customers in their pool.

Perhaps my sannet address, which ends in "", would show too obviously where I live, but my gmail address shows nothing. So my gmail address in their list can help them meet their quota of "potential customers", even though I'm never going to be in Concord or Fremont (in the USA) looking for a car to buy. So one of the managers ignores my request to be removed from his list. The other respects my request.

One cares about what I think about her. They other, well, he couldn't be bothered.

Well, in the odd chance I am ever in the States looking for a car to buy, guess which I'm going to remember with some sense of trust, and which I'm going to avoid?
Long odds, true.

But the thing is that this kind of behavior accumulates. It's not just what he does to me. His choice about me is just one of the choices he makes every day. He isn't going to be careless about my requests to be removed from his list of potential customers and be careful about all the rest.

That means that his list of potential customers is a low-return list. He has to work extra hard to get real customers out of that list.

Her list -- (Strictly coincidence that the one that cares is a woman? Maybe.) Her list is going to have less dead weight in it. She doesn't have to work it as hard to get real customers out of it.

And she is going to be in the habit of treating her customers better, I think, than he is. That means she will have a better rate of return customers, and customers that refer her to friends.

What you do is what you do, and it does come back around, now and later. You get what you give.

He wants his bigger paycheck now. She wants her paychecks to continue.

(And now I'm going to go look in the mirror and see if this principle has something to do with my family relationships. I have this nagging feeling it does.)

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