Toilet Paper Project

[Update 20150805: the EFF is talking about the copyright issues in TPP.]

Here's the plan:

Take people's freedom away from them a little at a time.

When people begin to notice, make excuses about "security" and "job security" and "protecting markets" and "making the world safe for <whatever />", and "universal prosperity laws" and other idealisms. (Is prosperity something you can really force on people by law? Safety? Security? Markets?)

Take, one at a time, all the things that it is good for individuals to do, and make it the law that the government must do them.

After a while, when people begin to really complain that all the freedoms are gone, sell them the non-thinking parts of their freedom back, at the cost of the remaining thinking freedoms.

It takes a while, but you convert a free country to a slave state. And if you are careful not to get taken in, yourself, you can dream that you can be in control.

And, when you have sufficiently enslaved one big country, use that country's influence to force the countries around it to sell their freedoms in the same way.

Trans-Pacific Prosperity Zombies?
Trans-Pacific Echoe Chamber Partners?

When I was young, TP was Toilet Paper. Toilet Paper Partnership. Should I resort to poisoning the well? But toilet paper is cleaner than the hands of those who sell coerced adherence to intellectual property laws, coerced adherence to aid to American farmers who should really be growing other things, coerced adherence to the agenda of a few nominally American traitors to the Constitution of their own country.

If only people would see the poison that was already in the well before I cast in the crude semantics.

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